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Master of Art in Dance/Movement Therapy and Counseling (MA)


Creative Arts Therapies

First Advisor

Hervey, Lenore

Second Advisor

Imus, Susan


The purpose of my research is to investigate how adverse experiences can be a source of emotional positive transformation and growth. Using artistic inquiry, I hope to address the questions, “How can I maintain a sense of safety in an unsafe and ever-changing environment such as the inpatient psychiatric unit” and “How does my passion for dance/movement help me to survive and nurture self under these circumstances?” Using movement as my primary expressive medium, I will explore common themes and patterns that may arise through videoing and journaling my processes in response to these questions. Through an understanding of my body-mind dynamics, it may increase my belief that in going to the “darkness” or enduring traumatizing life experiences, one can find possibility for renewal.


Includes DVD.

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