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The Garifuna and Carib communities of St Vincent in the Caribbean collaborated with the documentary filmmaker Andrea E. Leland to produce Yurumein – Homeland: The Caribs of St Vincent, an exploration of the historical and spiritual significance of St Vincent and Baliceaux to Garifuna and Carib communities.

This film guide speaks about the history, culture, music, and food of the peoples that were displaced from their home and, through activities addressing the film's content, informs readers about the movement to bring Garifuna/Kalinago culture back to St Vincent and reconnect Garinagu to their homeland.

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Andrea Leland, Garifuna Heritage Foundation, St Vincent, Carib, Kalinago, Garinagu, Cadrin Gill, Laurent Bernard Jacobs, Augustine 'Sardo' Sutherland, Nixon Lewis, Edgar Adams, Empress Modupe Olufunmi-Jacobs, Gabian Guerra, Kingsley Roberts, Greg Palacio, Lauren Poluha, Paula Prescod


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Yurumein - Homeland - Resistance, Rupture & Repair: The Caribs of St Vincent guide to the documentary film with project background, history, traditions, culture, fashion, language, and music information designed for classroom use.

Yurumein - Homeland Study Guide