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Creation Date

Spring 2022


WHY THIS SUBJECT? For this project I decided to base my work on the topic of union busting because serious moves to unionize and conversations on unionization are moving back into the mainstream, and with this conversation also comes a huge amount of misinformation and efforts by companies trying to prevent these movements. I included common phrases used by bosses to convince workers they do not need a union because I want people to recognize what union busting looks like and how companies try to manipulate workers. The title is based on the perceived loyalty and care that a company will promise you, but will really be found among your fellow workers.

WHAT SHOULD WE KNOW ABOUT THE WORK? My project was influenced by many of the things we viewed and discussed in this class, but my main influence was the work titled “S.O.S. Refoulements” from the Anti-Apartheid collection. The style of it reminded me of vintage Ham Radio QSL Cards which are one of my main design influences, and I thought working with a similar style in terms of type placement for my poster would be interesting.

WHAT WAS YOUR PROCESS? I used Adobe InDesign to design this project because I came into the process knowing I wanted to do a mainly typographic poster. I have close to no formal knowledge of design grids or layouts so most of my time was spent moving and resizing text and it was a long process of trial and error.


Stay vigilant against union-busting lies!, Too many rules, You want freedom?, Avoid hostility, Why not just talk to us? They will control you, We're a family, But you have to pay dues, You'll get fired, Wait and see, Forced to stroke, Be loyal to the company, Give us a chance, No raises, The most important word in the language of the working class is "solidarity, " Harry Bridges, unionbustingplaybook.com, iww.org