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Creation Date

Spring 2022


WHY THIS SUBJECT? To spread awareness on how ocean pollution is still a thing going on during these times and how it affects some of our biggest rivers and lakes and marine life.

WHAT SHOULD WE KNOW ABOUT THE WORK? A lot of visual work and includes a chart with statistics showing the countries with the biggest waste contribution to our bodies of water.

WHAT WAS YOUR PROCESS? Photoshop and text along with editing the color scheme and merging of different images.


Ocean pollution affects most of our oceans and rivers, it is still a thing in 2021-22, let us strive for a change!, Consider your surrounding environments, turtle, fish, litter, top countries polluting the oceans, annual metric tons of mismanaged plastic waste entering the sea, China, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Thailand, Malaysia, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Brazil, United States