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Creation Date

Spring 2021


WHY THIS SUBJECT? I came up with the idea when I was doing research for another course. I wrote an essay about women images in advertising industry, which is relative to our final topics. Then I started to design and visualize the powerful women in my mind.

WHAT SHOULD WE KNOW ABOUT THE WORK? The topic of my work is powerful women, which is quite a broad one. I drew two women figures to represent two basic skills, power and intelligence. I also made several icons like cooperation, academic and physical strength to decorate the poster. The main idea is that we should not define women. Women can be whoever they want and don't need others' permission. Powerful can be defined from multiple perspectives.

WHAT WAS YOUR PROCESS? I created our my work on Illustrator. I also hand drew my first design on my phone, but it's only a draft.


Powerful Womrn, We are pround for being women, Why feminist advertising doesn't make us better feminists?, Is it that possible when an ad wants to show feminism or teach girls to be strong and powerful it's actulaly adding more stereotypes?, How do we navigate how moving these ads sometimes can be while also recognizing the fact that they only exist to get you to buy stuff?, women, weights, graduation cap