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Creation Date

Spring 2021


WHY THIS SUBJECT? Racial segregation did not die with the end of Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s. Just because we do not have signs that say “whites only” does not mean that it is not implied by decades of historic and systematic racism. Segregation has been embedded through governmental policies and resident action. This present day segregation is so deeply rooted in our society. Its normalization leaves it largely disregarded. We see it everyday, and yet we refuse to see it.

WHAT SHOULD WE KNOW ABOUT THE WORK? Despite Chicago’s beautiful diversity it holds the title of one of the most segregated cities in the United States. By continuing to racialize and promote the stereotypes of neighborhoods we contribute towards the issues at hand.

WHAT WAS YOUR PROCESS? Digital drawing.


race, segregation, diversity, Greetings from Chicago, Blacks Only, Whites Only, signpost, elevated train, buildings, south, north, directional arrows, postcard