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Creation Date

Spring 2021


WHAT THIS SUBJECT? I chose to portray the difficulties that both teachers and students are facing right now during the pandemic, because I've seen both nearly firsthand, being a student, and also seeing my mother, who is a teacher, struggle with bringing work home and the difficulties that come with educating and learning in a pandemic.

WHAT SHOULD WE KNOW ABOUT THE WORK? Each of the three images has a parallel issue on both sides. In image 3, for example, both the teacher on the left and the student on the right are having issues getting work done, while also balancing responsibilities. I chose to include the same bold message in each image to connect the pieces, and also to boldly and simply state my message, which is to just support each other right now, but also, after the pandemic as well.

WHAT WAS YOUR PROCESS? I made some initial sketches of my idea, and then made a digital mock-up as well before creating the final pieces. I drew them digitally on my computer, keeping the basic color scheme and format, but changing the figures, scenes and focus for each image.


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