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Fall 2021


WHY THIS SUBJECT? I chose Women's Liberation because as a young individual artist, I was able to resonate so much with past women artists/activists who have put themselves out there only to be rejected and judged by humanity

WHAT SHOULD WE KNOW? I want it to be known that my purpose for creating this piece was to signify my "bleeding heart" for humanity and how at the end of the day, there is no progress made, not only for women's right's but for so many other issues plaguing this world.

WHAT WAS YOUR TECHNIQUE/PROCESS? For this piece I started with a base of cardboard and built up the female body form. And then added tissue paper over the cardboard for texture in the dress. And in addition to that I added black fabric over top of that to make it seem as though you mourn for humanity. For the eyes I simply used colored pencil and then used hot glue to make the tears streaming from her eyes. I wanted the eyes to be the center of attention because I firmly believe that "eye's are the window to the soul" so instead of making her who head to complete the poster, I wanted to bring her eyes to the forefront.

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women' liberation, eyes, tears, blood, heart