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Fall 2021


WHAT SHOULD WE KNOW? The colorful ones represent the many different people that walk around for their day to day life, while the white outline people represent those with depression, with the feeling of being see - through, invisible, quiet, and unnoticed.

WHAT WAS YOUR TECHNIQUE/PROCESS? What I did for this project was I looked at myself and my constant thoughts that I have and put them in my message. when I was walking to my classes in Chicago, my eyes tend to wander everywhere, and seeing the strangers walk by me, I thought "What's their story? what's going on with them? are they better? worse? who know?". I put this into the picture itself to show that anyone can have mental issues, not just depression, and nobody can tell from just a glance. Heck, they themselves probably don't know they have issues too.

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"It's never easily seen on the outside", "We see you", "Call 800-273-8255 for help now", people, depression