Creative Arts Therapies Theses

Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Art in Dance/Movement Therapy and Counseling (MA)


Creative Arts Therapies

First Advisor

Imus, Susan

Second Advisor

Downey, Laura

Third Advisor

Combs, Kristy


dance/movement therapy, qualitative study, Blanche Evan, treatment, children, pediatrics unit, creative short story, hospital.


The purpose of this qualitative collective case study was to understand how my Blanche Evan’s based dance/movement therapy treatment influenced mood for children on my case load in an inpatient general medical pediatrics unit. Patients participated in a minimum of one dance/movement therapy (DMT) session based on: availability, schedule of the subjects’ other medical treatments, and discharge date. Data collection methods included researcher journaling and audio recorded semi-structured interviews with participants and their caretakers following a one-hour dance/movement therapy session. Data was analyzed using thematic narrative analysis with a focus on the conversation between interview data and journal entries. Through these experiences, I gained a better understanding of what DMT was providing for them in their current reality and how it affected their mood. It revealed evidence of themes such as coping, mood, self-perception, socialization, stressors, and quality of life associated with the hospital setting. Each participant’s narrative was written as a creative short story to illuminate the unique experiences and essence of each case while bringing understanding to the use of Evan’s based dance/movement therapy for hospitalized children. 90 pages.