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Master of Art in Dance/Movement Therapy and Counseling (MA)


Creative Arts Therapies

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Hervey, Lenore


residential treatment


The purpose of this thesis is to identify the effects of a single session of dance/movement therapy (DMT) for crisis stabilization with adults in a short-term residential facility. Over the course of 14 weeks (14 sessions) surveys were administered before and after each session to participants who were new to the group. These surveys, along with the researcher’s observations and written notes about the group were collected in order to gain information about the participants’ experience of symptoms and wellbeing before and after the group. The change in symptoms and wellbeing was analyzed quantitatively and qualitatively through the use of numerical scales on the surveys and the presentation of themes of the effects of the DMT group.

Quantitative data analysis of this small sample size (N=31) included the calculation of mean percentage differences, which suggest the positive effects of a single session of DMT. A larger sample size is required to provide more statistically measurable data. Qualitative analysis illuminated clear themes that emerged, including the experience of movement itself, and the use of movement as a gateway for other experiences: social support, personal fulfillment, and the lack of benefit. Each of those themes is thoroughly discussed with implications for this and future studies.

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