Prexy Nesbitt, born Rozell Nesbitt, is an activist and educator and has been highly active in labor, human rights, and equality movements. The writings and speeches below, authored by him and preserved as part of the Rozell "Prexy" Nesbitt archival collection, offer glimpses of his broad work.


Submissions from 1995


Mobilizing Against the "Hidden Killers" and Their Legacies: A Talk to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) Africa Landmines Seminars, Prexy Nesbitt

Submissions from 1994


South Africa: The Elections and The Path Ahead, Prexy Nesbitt

Submissions from 1992


Getting Beyond the Elephants: Africa in the 90's, Prexy Nesbitt

Submissions from 1991


Talk by Prexy Nesbitt to Operation PUSH, Prexy Nesbitt