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Garifuna tradition bearers, artists, and technicians collaborated with filmmakers Andrea E. Leland and Kathy Berger in producing The Garifuna Journey, a documentary focusing on this story of resistance and continuity of culture.

The National Garifuna Council of Belize also worked with this project to help with its goal of cultural retrieval, as little had been documented and collected for its own archives .

With direction from tradition bearers in Belize, over sixty hours of video footage and audio taped oral histories were collected, transcribed, and returned to the community in Belize. The Carifuna Journey documentary was produced from the collected materials, and a traveling exhibition was mounted. This project predominately reflects the Garifuna experience in Belize.

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Garifuna, National Garifuna Council, Andrea E. Leland, Kathy L. Berger, Jennifer Rittenberg, Gregory Palacio, Bob Richards, Belize, documentary film, culture, identity

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The Garifuna Journey: Celebrating the resiliency of the Garifuna people and their traditions study guide to the film with project background, facts, resources, bibliographies, poems, and history designed for classroom use.

The Garifuna Journey Study Guide