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"Black Music Research Newsletter is devoted to the encouragement and promotion of scholarship and cultural activity in black American music, and is intended to serve as a medium for the sharing of ideas and information regarding current and future research and musical activities in universities and research centers." Editor: Samuel A. Floyd, Jr., Editorial Board: Lynne Davis, Anita Trumpler. Vol 2, No. 3. 6 pages.

Publication Date

Winter 1-1-1979


Institute for Research in Black American Music at Fisk University


Samuel A. Floyd, Jr., Howard Johnson, Thomas Riis, Edward Brake, Jack Bradley, Frankiin S. Driggs, H. Alvin Green, Robert D. Rusch, Dominue-Rene de Lerma, Kip Lornell, Jimmy Gray, Melva W. Costen, Paul Berliner, Lewis Porter, William Burres Garcia, Phyllis M. May, William S. Crowder, Jason Berry, Jonathan Foose, Charles Wolfe, David Evans, Vernon H. Edwards, Lawrence Gushee, Clifford J. Safane, Robert Javors, Bruce Bastin, Sheldon Harris, Eileen Southern, Josephine Wright, Frank J. Gillis, John Hasse, Paul Berliner, Jack Bradley, Joan R. Hillsman, Creatiove Music Studio, Lemuel Berry, Fisk University, Tennessee, United States, music


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Black Music Research Newsletter, Winter 1979