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An editorial cartoon by John R. Fischetti illustrating Ricard Nixon wearing a ship captain's uniform standing on the deck of a ship with his arms outstretched in question. Two crew members are sleeping on the deck of the ship, one with the word "Vietnam" inscribed on him, another with the words "urban problems" inscribed on him. A third crew member with the word, "inflation" inscribed on him is leaning against the edge of the ship and speaking to Nixon. Surrounding them, leaks are spurting through the ship's deck and the waters around the ship are tumultuous; Inscribed on the ship's deck reads: "U.S. economy".

This item is part of the John R. Fischetti collection at the College Archives & Special Collections department of Columbia College Chicago. Contact for more information and to view the collection.


Vietnam War, Richard Nixon, Monetary policy--United States, editorial cartoons, drawings (visual works), pens (drawing and writing), drawing paper