Capturing Quarantine Oral Histories
Interview with Amelia Wilson



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Amelia Wilson was born in Indianapolis, Indiana and grew up in Indianapolis with her mother, father, and sister Emily. Amelia attended Perry Meridian High School in Indianapolis, Indiana where she graduated in 2018. After high school, Amelia took a gap year. Amelia works at Target. She has worked for Target since 2017 at various locations in Illinois and Indiana. Amelia began attending Columbia College Chicago in the Fall of 2019. This is also when she moved to Whiting, Indiana. Amelia is a Creative Writing major who is also minoring in marketing. Amelia is in her first year at Columbia College Chicago but is a college sophomore due to credits she earned throughout high school where her many AP classes pushed her forward a grade in college. Her hobbies include reading, writing, poetry, and music. Amelia Wilson is a published author and her poetry book The Lights are on but Nobody’s Home was published April 9th, 2019.

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COVID-19, pandemic, Chicago, Illinois, United States, coronavirus, Indiana, creative writing, marketing, first year, freshman


Arts and Humanities | Education | History | Social and Behavioral Sciences | Sociology


Fear. Loneliness. Confusion. Hope. Reflection. Amelia Wilson shares her story of living and working through a pandemic. Amelia starts the interview by sharing details about her childhood in Indianapolis, Indiana. Amelia tells stories of her early experiences and how her passion for writing started. Amelia shares details of her early interests of poetry and songwriting. She continues to share how her poetry and writing have blossomed and inspired her future plans to become a writer. Amelia shares information about her favorite and most inspiring teacher, Mr. Madden and how he inspired her love for Harry Potter. Amelia shares how her high school experience allowed her to choose Columbia College Chicago after her gap year following high school.She shares her experience of one of the most influential days in her life, her car accident. Amelia is open and honest as she describes her feelings and fears on the day of her car accident. She discusses the repercussions and implications this day had on her life. Amelia also reflects on her hope for the future. She describes all the positive things that have happened to the environment throughout quarantine. Amelia shares her advice for those living with all of the current changes. She also shares her most important take-aways from the pandemic and quarantine. Amelia ends the interview with a critique of how the American government could have done more for its citizens with information and protection.

Conducted in spring 2020 by an Oral History: The Art of the Interview student, this interview with a fellow student in the class reflects on the pandemic and how it impacted their life. The interview is conducted based on the life history approach to oral history.

Interview with Amelia Wilson