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Creation Date

Spring 2021


WHY THIS SUBJECT? Transfemme voices are, currently, the least listened to and most oppressed members of the queer community even by the rest of the the queer community.

WHAT SHOULD WE KNOW ABOUT THE WORK? I'm doing my best to magnify and focus on transfemme members of the queer community.

WHAT WAS YOUR PROCESS? I used Abode Illustrator and Photoshop to recreate an image and design a poster around it


Being an ally and watching us die isn't good enough, It never was, Donate and listen to your local queer community!, Asia Foster, Yunieski Herrera, Angel Unique, Brooklyn Deshauna Smith, Tracy Mia Green, Aerrion Burnett, Michelle Ramos Vargas, Nina Pop, Lea Daye, Aja Rhone Spears, Dior H. Ova, Brayla Stone, Mia Perry, Marilyn Cazares, Summer Taylor, Bree Black, Kee Sam, Merci Mack, Jayne Thompson