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Creation Date

Fall 2020


WHY THIS SUBJECT? I resonated the most with the topic of feminism. In addition to recent events (Brock Turner trial and the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett) I have also been on the receiving end of cat calls, stereotypes etc. I really wanted to show the power of women, and everything we have gone through to get where we are today. I also live in Michigan, and during the pandemic there have been some hurtful sayings/actions done against our Governor, Gretchen Whitmer. She was a big inspiration for this poster because through it all, she does what's best for our state and citizens. Another inspiration was Ruth Bader Ginsburg. I took a lot of government classes back in high school and I learned so much about her and what she's done in the Supreme Court. Her recent passing was really painful for many reasons. Besides being a wonderful human overall, her successor Amy Coney Barrett is an instant threat to all human rights we have established. Overall, I wanted to illustrate how powerful, beautiful, and strong women are.

WHAT SHOULD WE KNOW ABOUT THE WORK? My stylistic inspiration was art during the Third-wave Feminism. I really like the layered and multi-textured look, so I tried to make a modern version of that! Making art is not my strong suit since I'm a Music Business major, but I'm really pleased with how my poster turned out.

WHAT WAS YOUR PROCESS? This was all done digitally, but I really wanted to include different textures and filters. I first took images off of Google that I liked, and erased the background. From there, I added in any edits I felt fit the theme of my piece. To put it all together, I turned to the app Procreate. I layered the icons and added in my own doodles/sketches to finish off the poster.


feminism, women, Breonna Taylor, Ida B. Wells, "we can do it!", "votes for women", "I'll see you nice white ladies at the next black lives matter protest, right?" "smile 4 me sexy!", "Hey, where you going beautiful", "you look so much better without all that makeup", "not good enough" Amy Coney Barrett, Donald Trump