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Auditory perception, Sound--Measurement, Time delay systems


The basic problem to which this paper is directed is that of characterization of the acoustic field perceived by an observer and due to a loudspeaker situation in a room. Before immediately jumping into an apparent solution and presenting the results of a set of measurements it is essential to present the considerations leading to that measurment...First, there are at least two ways of characterizing the same acoustic signal if we restrict our attention to a well defined set of parameters...Secondly, since both characterizations define the same thing it must be possible to translate information without loss from one domain to the other...Thirdly, the fact that a time domain characterization is generally scalar whereas a frequency domain characterization is vector means that any restriction on either parameter, due to physical reasons, prevents simple translation of domains...Finally, this vector time representation will be shown to be exacty what is needed in order to specify the time delayed sources of energy for a restricted band of frequencies. It will be this quantity which is to be measured.


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