Chicago Anti-Apartheid Movement

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Spring 2009


Trans-Africa Reform, Randall Robinson, United Church of Christ Commission for Racial Justice, United Church of Christ Office for Church in Society, Students, Political activity, Camp Lejeune (N.C.), United States Marine Corps, Bill Moyers, Lyndon B. Johnson, Vietnam War, Cuban Missile Crisis, Fidel Castro, Civil rights movements, University of Chicago, Chicago Theological Seminary, Continental Bank Corporation, Prexy Nesbitt, Diamonds, South Africa, Bongo Nwalegobu, Pan Africanist Congress, Robben Island (South Africa), Soweto Uprising, Lisa Brock, Kairos documents


Political Science | Political Theory | Race and Ethnicity | Race, Ethnicity and Post-Colonial Studies | Work, Economy and Organizations


Length: 175 minutes

Oral history interview of Jeremiah Wright by Arlen Parsa


The interviewer conducted this oral history as part of his/her coursework for the Spring 2009 class, Oral History: The Art of the Interview. This interview supports the scope and content of the Chicago Anti-Apartheid Movement Collection at the College Archives & Special Collections department of Columbia College Chicago. Contact for more information and to view the collection.

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