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"Chicago labor, religious, black and community groups today announced the formation of a broad coalition, Stop the Apartheid Rugby Tour (SART/CHICAGO) to oppose the September 19 rugby sports match in the Chicago area sponsored by the Midwest Rugby Football Union."

A press release from the Black Coalition Against the Rugby Tour organization, " composed of numerous Black organizations and individuals who have come together to fight against this scheduled tour to Chicago by the Springboks and to exemplify our support for our brothers and sisters in South Africa who are still oppressed by the white supremacist apartheid South African government" is also present. These groups formed in protest of the planned September 19, 1981 rugby match in Chicago.

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Chicago, Illinois


SART, Stop the Apartheid Rugby Tour, Black Coalition Against the Rugby Tour, Conrad Worrill, rugby, Sp[ringboks, South Africa, United States


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SART/CHICAGO Stop the Apartheid Ruby Tour press release