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For Eunice -  Bread On Fork

For Eunice - Bread On Fork



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For Eunice - Bread On Fork

Director: Typhanie Coller & Nick Tremulis


  • Bea Fuadin - Vocals
  • Mary James - Vocals
  • Stephen Ryan - Guitar
  • Matt McGrath - Bass
  • Sam Nesin - Guitar
  • William Penne - Drums
  • James Gotshall - Producer

Song Title: For Eunice

Composer: Bread On Fork

Lyrics: Mary James


I wrote this song after I watched a documentary about Nina Simone. I learned that Nina’s name at birth was Eunice Waymon. I was inspired by all of the injustices of 2020 and how I felt like I was Eunice. I saw what was going on, I was scared about what that meant for me, and my black experience and I immediately went to jump to action and didn’t allow myself to grieve. If Eunice had been given permission to cry and be vulnerable, her life may have been less tumultuous, and her activism may have not come at the cost of her mental health. If someone had just given me permission to cry and be vulnerable sometimes, I would be better now. This is a love song not only to Eunice but to little black girls everywhere. This song tells them that with all of the pain and sadness going on in the world, they don’t have to be so strong all the time. Eunice should have been allowed to cry, I should have been allowed to cry, they are allowed to cry. - Mary James

Publication Date

Spring 3-13-2024



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For Eunice -  Bread On Fork