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After this moment, dreaming of tomorrow…

Dreaming of tomorrow is nice, but first I’ll have to get through today. That’s what I’ll be doing, every day until the end of my spring semester here in Chicago. I’ve been away from a light in my life for a long, long time. I have been around the ocean since I was very young. Its presence has been solid throughout my life. When I learned to surf, that connection only grew more. Now, I’m pushing on four years since I would regularly go to the ocean to surf, swim, or just be there. Parts of that are out of my control of-course. Lake Michigan isn’t quite the Pacific. Though, I did choose to come here. In this video, I surf at my home break again. Where I learned, made mistakes, got better, and worse again. Through this project I aim to show the bittersweet reconnection of a lost passion and identity. To go home.

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This project was created as a final project for the Columbia Experience course Chicago Performs: Theatre Through Our Lens (CCCX 211-01 - Albert Williams, Instructor).

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